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Saturday, 19 November 2011

SharingStories seminar this Friday 25th November

Sharing Stories short film exhibition at Regional Cultural Centre, Letterkenny, Donegal
Risteard O’Domhnaill, director of the hugely successful documentary “The Pipe”, University of Ulster film expert Dr. Cahal McLaughlin and film-maker Derek O’Connor are headlining a one-day seminar on “Sharing stories in the new media age” on 25th November in Letterkenny.  The event will highlight how a combination of good storytelling and new media technologies helps individuals, communities and activists create a greater impact with a larger audience. The seminar, organized by the Regional Cultural Centre, will also report on the recent ‘Share my story’ challenge through which 2 films (on of which is BrighterDays) have been promoted over the past 3 weeks using only free-to-use social media (including this blog).  The goal is to show film-makers, artist and community groups how to use these methods to communicate their own message.

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